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PURE Sets Infection Prevention Service


We have designed an infection prevention protocol applicable to all phases of production. These protocols are based on universally accepted best hygiene practices following recommendations from the CDC, OSHA, Local Governmental Health Authorities, and in accordance with AICP and MPAA directives. By providing consultation and onsite services we anticipate and overcome the challenges that productions will face in the era of COVID-19 in order to allow the creative process to continue.

PURE Sets services can be applied to any set, studio or location across the country. We know that each production has unique needs, and our services are adaptable to each job. As stay at home orders are lifted and government or industry regulations evolve our protocols will adjust accordingly.

PURE Sets - COVID-19 Testing


PURE Sets recommends and can support your production with testing. Either by visiting a clinic or on location, RT-PCR testing, with 48-hour turnaround, will be administered by Registered Nurses in a process that takes under one minute. 

To date, there is no vaccine or treatment that can cure or prevent the virus or the disease. In terms of testing, there are multiple types of tests being offered, however there are few that are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Nucleic Acid Testing or "RT-PCR Test"

A molecular test that uses a nasopharyngeal sample swab to detect active infection. The test takes approximately 24-48 hrs for results. There is a high specificity and sensitivity for this test. Currently this is the CDC recommended test and considered the gold standard in determining if a person has COVID-19. This test is currently recommended by PURE Sets.

Antibody Test

Serology testing, also known as antibody testing, can check for different types of antibodies developed after exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This type of COVID-19 test is for individuals who think they may have previously had COVID-19 and do not currently have symptoms. A positive result does not indicate immunity from the virus. It is not recommended by the CDC as a test for active COVID19. It can be used for interest or correlation purposes only.

PURE Sets Infection Prevention Service
PURE Sets Infection Prevention Service
PURE Sets Infection Prevention Service

Supplying trained personnel to oversee, consult and coordinate infection control on set.

Manage daily check in procedures and reports.

Location and Set decontamination throughout the day, and large scale decontamination of entire locations, working vehicles, support areas, production offices, post production facilities and more.

PURE Sets Infection Prevention Service
PURE Sets Infection Prevention Service
PURE Sets Infection Prevention Service

Managing the industry’s standard for infection prevention protocols.

Stocking and distribution of specialty PPE equipment for high risk crew & cast members. 

Creating a comprehensive infection control plan unique to each job.

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