PURE Sets Infection Prevention Service

The PURE Sets

Infection Prevention Service was founded with the goal of assisting the Motion Picture Industry in returning to work in the era of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Applicable to All Phases of Production

We provide protocols and best practices to prevent transmission of COVID-19 in the motion picture industry, and an implementation plan to execute it.

With highly trained staff, appropriate supplies, and disinfection methods that minimize infection risk on set and throughout the production process, we work with filmmakers to create comprehensive solutions customized to the specifics of any production situation.

Pure Sets - film production
Pure Sets - disinfection

Universally Accepted Best Hygiene Practices

Our protocols are based on universally accepted best hygiene practices following recommendations from the CDC, OSHA, Local Governmental Health Authorities, and in accordance with AICP and MPAA directives. 

In an environment of uncertainty and anxiety PURE Sets provides the peace of mind in minimizing the risk of infection, limiting associated liabilities and meeting / exceeding the expectations of safe practices for production.