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PURE Sets is the industry leader in the execution of meeting and event COVID-19 health protocols. We provide safety, testing, and support services that prevent infection transmission for live events, meetings and incentive trips. 

Since launching in summer 2020, PURE Sets has supported over 1,000 individual events and productions all without a single on-site transmission of COVID-19.
PURE Sets has partnered with leading auto manufacturers, Fortune 500 Companies,  meeting planners, event production companies, major hotels, resorts, theaters, and experiential agencies. 
  • On-site Covid Compliance Officers
    • Develop Safety plan and execution/consultation, collaborate with hotels and venue
    • Ventilation safety review on air filtration and circulation systems
    • Meeting layouts, traffic flow
    • Check-in procedures; temperature checks, zone planning and monitoring
    • Ground coordination relating to COVID compliance
  • Testing:
    • Coordination, advisement and testing cadence plans for attendees and vendors
    • Source, vet and engage laboratories and clinicians for on-site testing 
    • International travel requirements
    • Positive test result protocols and advisement
  • Oversight on food and beverage safe practices
  • FDA approved PPE for sale

Contact: for more information on how we can help with your next meeting or event.

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