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PURE Sets is an Infection Prevention Service founded with the goal of assisting the Motion Picture Industry in returning to work in the era of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our protocols and procedures have been evaluated by our staff Doctors, Emergency Managers and Business Executives with experience in medicine, epidemiology, aseptic technique, disaster management, biological warfare, and business administration. PURE Sets has designed an infection prevention protocol applicable to all phases of production.

These protocols are based on universally accepted best hygiene practices following recommendations from the CDC, OSHA, Local Governmental Health Authorities, and in accordance with AICP and MPAA directives. By providing consultation and onsite services we anticipate and overcome the challenges that productions will face in the era of COVID-19 in order to allow the creative process to continue.

PURE Sets services can be applied to any set, studio or location anywhere in North America. We know that each production has unique needs, and our services are adaptable to each job. As stay at home orders are lifted and government or industry regulations evolve our protocols will adjust accordingly.

Our service is a solution for:

    •    Managing the industry’s standard for infection prevention protocols.
    •    Creating a comprehensive infection control plan unique to each job.
    •    Supplying trained personnel to oversee, consult and coordinate infection control on set.
    •    Manage daily check in procedures and reports. 
    •    Location and Set decontamination throughout the day.
    •    Large scale decontamination of entire locations, working vehicles, and support areas.
    •    Stocking and distribution of specialty PPE equipment for high risk crew & cast members.

In an environment of uncertainty and anxiety PURE Sets provides the peace of mind in minimizing the risk of infection, limiting associated liabilities and meeting / exceeding the expectations of safe practices for production.

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