PURE Sets Infection Prevention Service

About Us

Our process is scientific and medically based. Built by medical doctors, infectious disease specialists, and first responders with EMT, HAZMAT, pharmaceutical, risk management, F.E.M.A., and D.H.S.S. experience alongside a team of motion picture professionals, PURE Sets is the state-of-the-art service with the highest standard of clinical precision. We provide protocols and best practices to prevent transmission of COVID-19 in the motion picture industry, and an implementation plan to execute it. With highly trained staff, appropriate supplies, and disinfection methods that minimize infection risk on set and throughout the production process, we work with filmmakers to create comprehensive solutions customized to the specifics of any production situation.


The PURE Sets Protocol is designed to scale with your production. Governmental, Public Health Authority, Union and AICP guidelines have been taken into account in the development of our procedures. 

We make sets safe. We make sets secure. And we will help you do the absolute best for your people, so they can do their best work for you.

PURE Sets - Disinfection Methods